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01. Vertical Pedaling

The mechanical advantages of Leverage, Gravity and Near Vertical Pedaling combined with the rider’s weight, produces an increase in continuous force throughout the entire pedal stroke.

02. Optimized Frame

Our frames are designed to accommodate the most popular off-the-shelf components; wheels, saddles, handlebars, brakes, etc.

03. Materials

With increased power and torque, NuBike carbon-fiber frames and drive system required the latest and most advanced standards used in military and aerospace applications.

04. Joint Stress

Rather than pedaling in a full circular motion, straight-line vertical pedaling reduces excessive bending of the hips, knees and ankle

05. Travel Lite

The NuBike V2 optimized carbon-fiber frame weighs less than 3 pounds, 1.36kg. A completely assembled road bike will weigh approximately 18lbs, 8.16kg.

06. Storing and Transporting

No need for a roof, hitch or trunk rack. NuBike can be stored securely in the trunk of a car or most SUV’s.

Release Date Soon!

Our new Mountain Bike model is nearing production and is scheduled to be released soon!
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